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To act against moisture, it is comfort found.

Humidity in the house? Call a professional before it is too late!

Saltpetre? Black spots on the wallpaper? Baseboards that crinkle? A smell of mushrooms?... Any indication of humidity appearing in your house must be taken very seriously, before it develops and maybe costs you very dearly. Often, owners have tried to resort to their own resourcefulness. Regrettably, the disappointments have been numerous...

The professional attacks the causes of the problem

The professional will seek to treat the origin of the problem in order to eliminate the effects. But the causes of this humidity can be complex : capillary rising, infiltrations of pluvial origin, condensation, unnoticed leaks in piping... And their presence in your house menaces your property and even the health of your family. Indeed it favours the development of mildew and acarids which constitute a grave threat for children and the whole family. In brief, humidity can really become a drama in a family. Calling a professional is anything, except a luxury!

Owner, It is your property that deteriorates!

It is in your interest to take the risk of humidity that threatens your house seriously. A commonplace difficulty has every chance of being transformed into a serious problem. The visible surface indications often constitute the symptoms of a more grievous problem. The humidity also threatens the structure of the building as well as its contents and its occupants : decay of the joinery, mildew ( dry rot ), decay of painting and wallpaper, deterioration of the furnishing... You simply risk finding yourself in an unhealthy house.


Humidity, the cause of serious respiratory disorders

Scientific studies have been carried out on teenagers suffering from respiratory disorders*. 83 % of asthma, asthmatic bronchitis and chronic bronchitis and 87 % of chronic rhinitis affects teenagers living in houses that are too humid. 20 to 30 % of us suffer from respiratory allergies. Twice as many as 20 years ago! The Institute of Public Health " Louis Pasteur " explains this increase by our way of life** : " We increasingly live inside, in the house or in the office. Since the oil crisis, we insulate too much and do not ventilate enough any more. "

* Source : National Days of the French Allergology Society, Strasbourg the 27 and 28 May 1988. Report presented by O.C.G. Adan, Eindhoven university, Netherlands.
** Source : newspaper The " Soir " of 31 December 1998.


Damp house, Unhealthy house

"Murprotec resolves
the problem! "

Thousands of persons have been helped, up to this day, thanks to the intervention of the MurProtec specialists. Every year, our company successfully treats thousands of locations and cleans up houses which, otherwise, would continue to be harmful for the health of their inhabitants. 






Call upon Murprotec, the European leader
 in the fight against humidity.

More than 50 years of experience

The MurProtec company can be proud of their experience of over 45 years in the fight against humidity. Created in 1953, in England, under the name of Royal Doulton, MurProtec has gradually become the European leader in the treatment of humidity. Their specialities? The phenomena of capillarity, condensation, the treatment of air, waterproofing of buried stone work and protection of facades. In the European countries where we are present, the MurProtec teams advise, conceive and apply unique and patented processes. You will not be able to benefit from such a chain of experience anywhere else!

The new formula of the micro-emulsion silicones

MurProtec's success is based on techniques and scientifically advanced methods. One of them is based on the principle of CSM (Concentrated Silicone Micro-emulsions). These products react with water before transforming into dry polysiloxane. For ecological reasons, MurProtec avoids the usage of organic solvents and prefers emulsions in an aqueous phase. A patented technique allows the modification of these raw materials to obtain a granulometry situated between 40 and 70 nm. The particles of these micro-emulsions are so small that they can penetrate into the finest capillaries of the materials of the masonry to be treated.

A 30 year guarantee *

A unique guarantee in the world of construction, that our experience and the quality of our performance allows us to offer you! We treat more from 5 to 6000 locations per year, with this corresponding efficiency guaranteed. The best technical and scientific bodies of the E.C. guarantee the MurProtec products and our processes have been recognised by the BBCA (Belgian Construction Certification Association) and Socotec France. You have every interest to trust MurProtec : a partner that benefits from comprehensive financial strength and possesses the indispensable leading scientific experience to treat the problem that you encounter today. All the members of staff of MurProtec are committed to liberating you from your problem of humidity.

*concerning the treatment of the phenomena of capillary rising


The effective and definitive treatment against humidity